Tuition House was built in the late 1960s to house The Rapid Results College (RRC) founded in 1928 by David Young.  Ian Young and David M Young are sons of David Young and were in their turn each Principals of RRC. They were until recently directors of Wimbledon Offices Ltd and continue to take an interest in the progress of the company. 

The company continues to be run by the Young family and the directors are: 

Jean Taylor, Managing Director, daughter of David M Young, joined RRC working in the accounts department. She then left to have a family returning in to work on a part time basis to help with the accounts and becoming increasingly more active in other parts of the business and in 2005 was appointed Managing Director. Jean enjoys getting to know all the tenants in the offices and flats, and it is particularly satisfying seeing companies growing and being able to help with their expanding office needs. She is a keen sportswoman and has completed the London marathon and several triathlons including a half ironman. She grows a selection of fruit and vegetables at her allotment.

Andrew Young, Financial Director, brother of Jean, was Principal of RRC from 1985 to 2000, and from 1993 he became increasingly involved in the property side of the business.  He managed the development of The Courtyard. Prior to joining the business in 1978 he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Outside interests include travelling, the theatre and playing Bridge. 

Luke Taylor, Facilities and IT Director, son of Jean Taylor, is the fourth generation of the family to be involved in the business. From an early age he insisted on working in his school holidays particularly enjoying the electrical tasks. He joined the staff in 2006 working part time on the maintenance team whilst studying for his electrical qualifications. He is passionate about seeing the infrastructure at Tuition House neatly organised and documented.  His outside interests include IT, and his skills in this area have also been very useful to the company and our tenants. 

Pauline Twogood, New Projects Director, sister of Jean and Andrew, has recently joined the company to focus on the development of new buildings and is currently leading the redevelopment of 247 The Broadway. Pauline enjoys the planning, organisation, and challenge of building projects. She lives in Hertfordshire and enjoys golf, gardening and walking.